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Personal Checking Accounts

Checking Made Easy

check penYou don’t have to continue to pay high checking fees and service charges at another financial institution. Simply choose the Garden State checking account you need. You’ll appreciate the savings and convenience.

Primary Checking Account

For everyday personal money management, simply open a Primary Checking Account. Our no or low fees and account access services make it easy to manage your money.

Primary Checking and Other Checking

APRAPYInfo and/or Terms
0.00%0.00%$250 - $1,999.99
0.00%0.00%$2,000 - $24,999.99
0.10%0.10%$25,000 & greater

Sunrise Checking

For members ages 50 and older.

APRAPYInfo and/or Terms
0.00%0.00%$250 & $1,999.99
0.00%0.00%$2,000 & greater

Another Great Checking Account

We also offer Sunrise Checking for members ages 50 and older. Call or visit any credit union branch office for the details.

Free Overdraft Protection

When you open your account, Garden State Overdraft Protection is included at no cost to you. If you write a check for more than your account balance, available funds will be automatically transferred from your Primary Savings Account.

Easy Access Account Management Services

  • Free PAM Online Banking
  • Free Mobile Banking* (for cell phones & tablets)
  • Free Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Switching Is Easy!

There is no reason why you should pay more to manage your own money. Let us show you how easy it is to start saving instantly. Open the accounts you need today!

*Regular messaging rates apply. Cell phone providers may charge additional fees for Internet access and/or text messaging.